21V Cordless Drill, 3/8 inch Power Drill Driver Set with 2 Batteries Fast Charger, 2 Variable Speed, Built-in LED, Power Drill for Drilling and Tightening/Loosening Screws

21V Cordless Drill, 3/8 inch Power Drill Driver Set with 2 Batteries Fast Charger, 2 Variable Speed, Built-in LED, Power Drill for Drilling and Tightening/Loosening Screws

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👍Versatility & Reliability? iFanze high-performance cordless drill set . you will enjoy the utmost dependability and versatility. It handles screws . wood . plastic . metal . and other materials with ease and is equipped with 11 electric drill attachments. This cordless drill kit is your ideal partner for every work . from DIY tasks to crafts. It also makes a great gift for loved ones . romantic interests . or anyone who appreciates high-quality instruments.

👍Ergonomic Design for Comfort? Our 21V electric drill is simple to operate thanks to its ergonomic design and lightweight. It is equally at home in the hands of men and women and is usable for extended periods. You can work without feeling tired or sore because of the ergonomic design . non-slip rubber grip . and unique comfort features.

👍Easy Accessory Changes & Customization? Experience the ease of our drill set's 3/8 inch keyless chuck with forward/reverse control. You can instantly adjust to various jobs by switching out your accessories . which has never been simpler. With the forward/reverse switch . you can easily tighten . swap out . or remove components . giving you the freedom to easily realize your original ideas.

👍21 Voltage & 2 Variable Speeds? Higher voltage means more torque-spinning strength to overcome resistance. This 2 variable-speed cordless drill with an adjustable clutch gives you the versatility for drilling different materials and using a variety of bits. The low speed is for driving screws . the high speed is for drilling holes.

👍1500mAh Batteries & 60min Fast Charger?21V 1500mAh Lithium-Ion battery packed with higher capacity indicator lets you finish your job smoothly with long lasting performance. 1.5A 1-hour fast charger keeps your drill constantly running.

Q1: Use for Battery Tips :

  • When you get the drill set .please take out the battery to charge at first use.
  • Please take out the battery if long time no uses.
  • Please charge the battery once within 3 month if long time no uses.

Q2: How to use a power drill:

  • Insert the Bit: Select the appropriate drill bit or screwdriver attachment and insert it securely into the drill's chuck.
  • Adjust Speed: Adjust the drill's speed settings based on the material and task; lower speeds are typically suitable for drilling . while higher speeds are for screwdriving
  • Safety Gear: Always wear safety glasses and hearing protection . especially when drilling or working with loud materials.
  • Trigger Control: Squeeze the trigger to start the drill. Release it to stop.
  • Direction Switch: Familiarize yourself with the direction switch to change between forward and reverse rotation for drilling and screwdriving.

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Color: Black
Speed: 2 speed
Total weight: 4.4 lbs.
Drill Drill: 1.77 lbs.
Battery: 21V lithium battery 1500mAh

Included Components:
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Cordless Drill
2 x Lithium-ion Battery
1 x Drill Bits Set

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